Introducing ITCCC

Introducing ITCCC

Introducing ITCCC

ITCCC is the well-rounded education initiative of Beijing Infinite Education Inc.    Since 2011, it has been dedicating to introducing high-quality international education programs to Chinese young generations, helping them become more qualified talents with key competencies of the 21st century. By continuously putting effort into research and development in STEAM education and Project Based Learning(PBL) curriculum, courses developed by ITCCC connect students and schools with challenging, real-life problem solving oriented scenarios which would cultivate students’ innovation, critical thinking, communication and collaboration abilities and well prepare them for the new rapidly changing era.





Botball epitomizes a project-based and hands-on approach to learn through its focus on robotics. Teams would prepare for months to complete their robotic design, then they would participate in this robotics event to systematically check their robots’ capabilities. This robotics event would allow students to utilize and develop their social, critical thinking, writing, science and technology skills.









RoboRAVE aims to make robotics accessible to ANY kid, ANYWHERE. Funded by Intel, students work as teams to learn about robotics; programming for robot challenges; they would spend the whole day at the event for first-hand knowledge, and develop a plan to implement robotics back home.  Fun is the first priority.








Future City

Future City, a STEAM program, is a consortium of professional and technical societies. Future City requests students to imagine, design, and build cities of the future that showcase their solution to a citywide sustainability issue. More than 40,000 students worldwide have participated in the program annually. After the Future City conference, student participants are not only prepared to be citizens of today’s complex and technical world but also poised to become the drivers of tomorrow.







Global Future Space Scholars Meet (GFSSM) is an aerospace industry simulation program for global teenagers hosted by US Space Foundation,UK National Space Academy, China Space Foundation and ITCCC. Students will work as simulated companies to design Lunar habitat, space city, Mars base or further more. Join us, being a pioneer in the exploration of space!









The International Linguistics Olympiad is a program for teenagers to solve complex linguistic problems that applied to a multitude of different world languages. These problems cover a wide range of different linguistic topics, including ancient writing systems, the sounds of African languages, uncommon word orders, etc. Students interested in linguistics, math, and computer science will benefit from the logical and formal reasoning that is required to solve linguistic problems. 









The International Junior Science Olympiad (IJSO) is a major international academic program. Held annually, it is a unique if not the only international academic program that simultaneously covers physics, chemistry, and biology. Students join this program to apply their understanding of natural science as a whole and solve multi-disciplinary problems. It inspires future scientist from all over the world every year. 







Duke Math Meet

Duke Math Meet (DMM) is a regional mathematics program for high school students held at Duke University every year. The conference is organized by the members of the Duke University Mathematics Union (DUMU) and is sponsored by the mathematics department Duke University. The DMM attracts students from the U.S. and the world to gather in Duke, during which the students have fun with solving challenging mathematics problems, making new friends with participants with different culture.







The International Economics Olympiad(IEO)is an annual program in economics for high school students. It is designed to stimulate the students interests in economics, business, and finance by way of creative problem-solving. It is hosted by Russia’s National Research University, one of the leading Russian universities, and supported by Sberbank and McKinsey & Company. Its founders include Nobel Prize winner, honored professors, executives in finance industry.






Bebras is an international initiative aiming to promote Informatics (Computer Science, or Computing) and computational thinking among school students at all ages. Participants are usually supervised by teachers who may integrate the Bebras challenge in their teaching activities. 3 million Students from more than 70 countries actively participate in Bebras every year.